Keynote Presentation 

Rasmus Østergaard Nielsen: Footwear, sports injuries and causality – are we running on empty?

Rasmus Østergaard Nielsen works as lecturer in epidemiology and statistics at Aarhus University, Denmark and as senior researcher at the Research Unit for General Practice, Aarhus, Denmark. In addition, he serves as Deputy Editor for BJSM, responsible for the METHODS MATTER educational series, and as Associate Editor for JOSPT. In the past 10 years, his main research focus has been devoted to running-related injuries, running shoes and causal theories underpinning sports injury occurrence. Having no conflicts of interest, Rasmus is known to speak his mind and for being a “statistical Rambo”. Before jumping into scientific endeavors, Rasmus worked in a running shoe store for 7 years and as a physiotherapist dealing with treatment of running-related injuries for 5 years.